Navigating Life

With life, we plan and calculate our journey, knowingly or unknowingly, and begin to travel its course, but often forget to make the necessary adjustments needed to factor in Magnetic North. Although we believe we are on the right course heading, we discover we have missed our marked destination and wonder why.

True North Consulting Ltd. was created as a centre to develop and implement services that focus on providing professional care-related assistance addressing the whole person, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual as they navigate their life experiences.

True North Consulting Ltd. provides four points of service, each with varying degrees, which are designed to assist the traveller (client) in reaching their desired "Ports of Call" and final destination (goals), intact. Just as the directional arrows on the compass are specific and distinct, each works in harmony with the others to provide balance, direction and correction, our four directional arrows are also specific and distinct. They too, work in harmony with one another, managing turbulent waters, still waters, perhaps a tsunami or two, and other life effects to assist in keeping balance and wholeness in life.

Our four directional arrows (services) can be identified as follows:

  1. Counselling - The Ministry of Healing
  2. Coaching - The Ministry of Change
  3. Chaplaincy - The Ministry of Presence
  4. Education - The Ministry of Relationships